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tv   CNN Newsroom With Fredricka Whitfield  CNN  July 19, 2015 12:00pm-1:01pm PDT

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it was huge. i estimate it to be somewhere between 12 and 13 feet long. >> oh, my gosh really? oh my goodness. it's amazing because, i mean you're the shark expert here but usually what great white attack from below up just as you describe murky and looks like a seal. you actually saw the fins just splash around so closely to the board. does it give you the impression it may have taken a little bite a little sampling of the end of the board. the tip goes up. what do you envision happened -- oh boy right there. >> we talked about this before about how sharks will do these test bites. i actually wasn't seeing a test bite. we have a number of things happening here. i think we have mistaken identity. the shark thinks it may be potential prey like a seal. it moves in to investigate. as the surfer just indicated he
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felt something get tangled up in its line. i think the shark got a little confused and a little frightened and caught up in the moment. trust me it was a very big shark. if it wanted to fight and inflight injury and be a predator it had ample opportunity. both creatures ss human being and shark swam away shook up. he's incredible. this is the thought for every nightmare for everyone who has a phobia for sharks. again and i told you this before. you're in the waters especially in places like south africa but around the world, if you're in a healthy marine eco system you're never more than 100 yards away from a shark. we share this eco system with them. rarely does it end up in injurous dangerous sort of situation. he walked away unscathed but i bet he's thinking twice before he gets on a surf board again.
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>> i'm happy for him. jeff corwin thank you so much for being with us. appreciate it. >> thanks. >> we have so much more straight ahead in the newsroom. it all starts right now. happening now in the newsroom -- bill cosby, according to a scathing "new york times" report admits in a deposition to pursuing younger women. >> this is not just an interview, this is something that he said knowing he had to tell the truth. >> details on the court documents describing his sexual pursuits the drugs, and how he tried to keep it all under wraps from his wife. plus donald trump not dropping out and not backing down. >> i'm certainly not pulling out. i'm leading in many states. >> trump tweeting today it's senator john mccain who should apologize. and new details revealing the gunman who opened fire on a tennessee military recruiting center may have been suffering
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from depression. his family saying today he was not the son they knew and loved. newsroom starts now. >> hello again. thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. bill cosby's publicist told cnn no comment in regards to what some believe are startsling revelations from cosby himself. the comedian reveals in his own words in a 2005 deposition said authenticate pursued younger women for sexual prescription and obtained the sedative quaaludes to give to young women all while trying to keep it a secret from his wife. this new information was ornlly reported by the "new york times". cnn has now obtained a copy of the full transcript of the deposition cosby gave a decade ago in a civil suit filed by one much his accusers.
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cnn is currently going through the 1,000 page deposition. cnn's jean casarez joins us live from new york. he's been on the story from the start. jean you have been reading through this deposition. what more are you learning? >> it's very detailed. he gave this under oath. a sworn deposition. part of the one civil case back in 2005 andrea constant which resulted in a sealed confidential settlement but the "new york times" came out with a detail also written on this deposition and the headline really is that i've been a lot of women. all behind my wife's back. they were consensual affairs. drugs were involved but at all times it was consensual. he talks about the fact and i read this for myself there was one woman whose father had cancer and he acted very interested in her father being sick so that he could draw her in. i want to show everybody one thing that comes from this deposition. let me read this. it says quote, i think that i'm
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a pretty decent reader of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things whatever you want to call them. he said he would always be able to tell if a woman was consenting to what they were about to do and if he didn't see that consent he stopped. he also said that he did not partake in full sexual relations with women because he didn't want them to fall in love with him and so it was just light hearted sexual fun. but we have something else that he said where the word sex is used and remember this is the attorney for andrea constant at the time asking questions, but she's also talking about jane doe witnesses and that's what this is in regard, to jane doe witness was another alleged victim that said i'll testify if i need in 2005. here's the question. now she ace in her police report the first time she met you you took her to the green room. you were alone and that you gave her quaaludes and a glass of
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water and told her to take them. she took the drugs and that he had sex with me. the witness stated that she felt she had been taken advantage of and told her mother what had happened. the victim believed she was initially star struck by cosby. she believed that her fame and position i guess that means his fame and position projected authority. did that occur? mr. cosby's answer that's her saying that. if you read, if you'll strike out what she believes then we can deal with the 0 two of us. question fine did you give her quaaludes? answer yes. question did you take quaaludes? answer no. fred that demonstrates with that particular incident a woman was taking drews and he was not. once again he said this is all consensual activity. that i did. and it's very very detailed four different deposition dates in 2005 over 1,000 pages. >> again, jean explain how it is that cnn has been able to
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obtain the transcripts of this deposition when it was considered sealed and had been reported for a very long time that it was sealed and now suddenly unsealed available. >> every jurisdiction does it differently but in the state of pennsylvania a court reporter takes the deposition. they don't own it. they give to it a court reporter service which then in essence owns the deposition. if you want to get any deposition you call them up and you ask for it. and they will readily give it to you. >> all right. let me bring in cnn legal analyst joey jackson and mo ivory attorney and radio host. joey can you speak to whether there may be some repercussions that this service would make this transcript the deposition available if the attorneys on both sides had an understanding that it would be sealed? >> well i think there's a couple of problems with that. first problem is remember that a judge has ruled on the issue and with the judge ruling on the issue there were motions filed
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by both sides. of course bill cosby wanting that deposition and his team to be kept private and, of course, the other side saying it should be public for public consumption. a judge has made a decision that the public interest outweighs his independent and private interest from embarrassment. no the judge said if you put yourself in the position of a public moralist and you put yourself in the position of moralizing about issues which is in contrast to what the accusation is then it should be made private. the first problem with going after that service is that there's a ruling that says it's public for all to see. the second issue is as jean has mentioned it's a private service. as a result of that this is what they get. they do the transcripts. if there's a request made and no pending order to them that gives an indication it shouldn't be released it's fair game for it to be released. >> mo how do you see this as added arsenal in the case ever defamation suits that's pending
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against bill cosby and any other cases being investigated to see if the statue of limitations has not run out. >> sure. i don't think much in this deposition is shocking to our conscience at this points because it adds to what we already know happened he was giving women quaaludes in order to have sex. it doesn't change the idea he says it was all consensual. when you have one person saying it and then another person and then his own admissions it only supports a case even more. again, there's still very limited remedies for these women. there's the defamation possibilities and one woman in the playboy incident that was in 2008 that may be the statue of limitations is not up yet. what i think this does to the court of public opinion, again the one question that i continue to hear when i talk about this on the radio and the question i hear amongst people i talk, to why would bill cosby already a famous man need to drug women to
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have sex? so then you just have to say to yourself obviously this was an illness that bill cosby had and he was able to mask with his fame and all the people around him that were protect him. if the national inquirer would break it he would say no i'll give you another story. he was making deals all along the way to keep this information away from the public and he just you know, ran up the time to be able to keep it -- not available to the public. >> jean you've been covering this from the beginning and even as you read the details of this deposition the use of drugs, calling it consensual sex, inviting him to his home he was even asked how did you get these women to come. he said i invited them to my home. there's some common denominators. maybe you can remind us of these common threads that we're hearing in the case of other women, up 20 women that alleged something similar he took advantage of them there were promises of fame or considering
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him to be a real mentor and the next thing you know it evolved into allegations of rape. >> and the threads are very similar exactly what you're saying. the threads involved alcohol. it involved drugs. and i think a lot of the women consensually were with him and i mean physically with him. but then they all say they woke up or at some point realized that the consent had ended but the activity had continued. and that's the line right there that they disagree with bill cosby in this 1,000 page deposition. >> joey explain what the lawyers mean when they allow their client or the client says consensual. what part of this was consensual. consent you ale in his presence thinking he's a mentor. when you talk about the introduction or admission of quaaludes. what could be consented to after the use of that. >> sure. that's a very good point. fabulous point. there's really two things to discuss. the first thing is i think it
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thread the public outrage. first if you examine the relationship mentor to mentee teacher to student, whenever you have a disparity relationship where one is clearly unequal you can take advantage of someone. then you introduce drugs into it and it becomes further an unequal relationship which i think is very damaging. then of course directly to your question look when it comes to drugs and the introduction of drugs in any type of scenario you would lose your ability to consent. you give someone drugs and clearly you can ask well why would he be introducing drugs? the obvious question would be because then it would allow him to more be in a different position or better position to take advantage of them. so i think clearly the cases against that are being raised here could be compelling. the bigger problem, those is the time frame. the statute of limitations. as a result of that for both civil and criminal claims. >> when you ask about consent
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what cosby attorneys are saying here take these pills and women would say okay. we heard that similar thread throughout this whole scenario. i think that consent that they keep pointing to is that the women consented to taking the drugs, which a lot of them did and then from where we can't get past is what happens after. that consent that they are referring to is the consent oh, drugs, okay i'll take them. >> some of the women are saying it was everything from benadryl to something to leave menstrual cramp. did they know it was quaaludes. >> it's one thing as mo says to -- fred it's one thing as mo says to consent okay i'll take a quaalude or benadryl. another thing to say i'll consent to some act you want to engage with me thereafter. and that's the critical question. >> all right. of course a critical question too is at this point deposition should there be anning a knowledgement from bill cosby,
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should there be an apology and if not what does that mean next. thank you, mo jean casarez and joey jackson. also coming up donald trump is not backing away from his statements about john mccain's status as a war hero. in fact he says he's not the one who needs to apologize. next, what the donald is saying now. n plus pain relief starts relieving pain faster and kills more types of infectious bacteria neosporin plus pain relief kills the germs. fights the pain. use with band-aid brand.
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a plan just for him. this is integrative cancer care. this is how mike fincham fights cancer. cancer treatment centers of america. for more information go to appointments available now. donald trump says he doesn't owe senator john mccain an apology, this morning on abc "this week" trump refused to walk back his comment yesterday that john mccain is not a war hero. instead he argued mccain is the one who should apologize.
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>> this all start when we had thousands and how to sands of people in phoenix, arizona, who are devastated by illegal immigration, something i'm very proud to have brought to the forefront. we have thousands of people he called them all crazies and frankly i think he owes them an apology. >> joining me right now from the white house is our cnn reporter. trump remained defiant. >> reporter: de. he spent most of the day today really digging in even more offering no apologies there and also refusing those calls from other republican candidates that he should dropout of the presidential race. here's more of what trump said today on abc's "this week". >> do you owe john mccain an apology? >> no, not at all. i believe that i will do far more for veterans than john mccain has done for many many years with all talk no action. he's on television all the time talking, talking no, thing gets
12:19 pm
done. look what's happening to our veterans. they are getting decimated. i can build new hospitals for veterans. build them care centers. i can help the veterans. john mccain has failed because all you have to do is take a look what you report on all the time take a look at the scandal at the universitiesveterans administration and the disastrous conditions our veterans have to live. i built a signal group a vietnam memorial in downtown manhattan. i know what is it to help people and i know what it is to help veterans. >> many has been coming to the defense of senator john mccain. the former senator being a former navy pilot who was shot down and imprisoned and for tured for five years in a prison in hanoi who refused early release and then won the purple heart. but this controversy certainly has given many republicans the opening that many were just waiting for to be able to more
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open in their criticism against donald trump, some even saying that these latest comments should disqualify him from running for president. >> it's not just absurd it's offensive, it's ridiculous. it disqualifies him as a commander-in-chief. >> until mr. trump apologizes directly to john mccain and also to the veterans of this country i don't think he has the character or the temperament to hold the highest position in this country. >> reporter: the rnc who rarely gets involved in these sort of primary battles and taking on candidates directly they did issue a statement yesterday saying that there's no place in the party for comments like trump's. we've not heard yet from senator john mccain. he's been silent since truch made these remarks butted we heard from his daughter megan mccain. >> thank you so much.
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my name is kieran griffin. i work here at five star auto care in rocklin california. a lot of thought was put into the change to solar and we couldn't have done it without pg&e. pg&e is very committed to clean energy. working with five star auto care we looked at how we could make their business more energy efficient and save them money in the long run. with solar we have saved about 85% on our energy cost. with this extreme drought we're using the savings from our solar system to save every last drop of water. if you are looking for ways to save energy your first step is to call pg&e. together, we're building a better california. we're following new developments in the hunt for mexican drug lord el chapo guzman. investigators could actually be a step closer to fining him and i want has to do with a set of
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prison blueprints. pablo sandoval joins me now from mexican city. do investigators feel confidently that these blueprints had something to do with his escape? >> reporter: i can tell you, fred that this is what they call and describe as their strongest lead yet. mexican prosecutors saying they are now investigating and really questioning the director of maintenance at the prison. they believe he may have given access to somebody those actual floor plans. what does that snaen now withmean? a week on the run there's plenty of speculation. i spoke to a civil engineer what it would mean how the floor plans would help in the digging of this tunnel. he said it may have helped those folks actually track down the very spot where they should cut into his cell because think about it. once you have an idea of where
12:26 pm
cell number 20 is el chapo guzman's cell then all you have to do is locate the water lines that run in and out of that shower line and then cut in. that could tell us more about how these plans could have been used if in fact they were released illegally to somebody. then also feeding speculation at this hour that mexican prosecutors are now saying that guzman likely had access to some sort of device that transmitted his actual gps location to the outside. sounds extremely outlandish extremely wild but think about it. if you're the head of a billion dollar drug smuggling organization everything is possible fred. >> what's the latest on those that have been arrested? >> reporter: we know that at least seven prison employees have been arrested. they were the foishsirst to be arrested. and the director of maintenance success questioned. tomorrow we could find out if
12:27 pm
he's now the latest to be charged in connection with this case as we expect more arrests in the days ahead. >> thank you so much. when we come back the family of the chattanooga gunman revealing new details about his mental state. cnn boris sanchez is live with more. boris. >> reporter: yeah. certain word in that statement offering a possible shift in perspective on the motive for this shooting. we'll explain next. ♪ ♪ (vo) making the most out of every mile. that's why i got a subaru impreza. love. it's what makes a subaru a subaru.
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hello again everyone and thanks so much for joining me. i'm fredricka whitfield. family and friends are mourning the loss of the five service members from a military recruiting sfafltrecruit ing facility in chattanooga, tennessee. randall smith's mother was
12:31 pm
overcome with emotion. we're learning new information about the shooter, the family of mohammod youssuf abdulazeez is revealing details about his mental state before thursday's deadly attack on the two military facilities. cnn boris sanchez is covering it all for us from chattanooga. boris. >> reporter: fred that's correct. mother of randall smith came here to the memorial earlier today. she was visibly emotional and distraught when she saw a picture of her son in the memorial. i got a chance to talk to her. she said she was overwhelmed with the amount of support she had seen from the community supporting her son and the other victims. but then she became visibly emotional and i asked her about the status of the family how they were holding up. we're hearing from the family of the shooter, mohammod youssuf abdulazeez. they put out a statement offering condolences killed by their son. they wrote there are no words to describe our shock, horror and grief. the person who committed this
12:32 pm
horrible crime was not the son we knew and loved. for many years our son suffered from depression. it grieves us beyond belief to know that his pain found its expression in his heinous act of violence. many are wondering if this is more of a jihadist, if he a mental illness and that led him to do something so extreme. >> then boris there's the text message, oh, gosh we're losing our signal with boris. we'll try to reconnect a bit later on. when we have a stronger signal. boris sanchez thank you so much in chattanooga. nope. i one we do have him. boris, i'll ask you a question. hopefully i got you. let's talk about this text message that he sent to a friend and what's being analyzed. >> reporter: what we're hearing from investigators is that he sent a message to a friend in response to something a friend had sent him. they were having a conversation in that conversation he wrote
12:33 pm
who so whoever shows friend to an enemy i declared war on him. that's a quote from mohammad. investigators are telling us this is important that because of the context of the conversation they do not believe this was a foreshadowing or forewarning of what was to come they say it's just a small peace of a much bigger picture trying to figure out the gunman's motive. >> all right. so complex. thank you so much boris sanchez in chattanooga. next the iran nuclear deal is in the hands of congress as the secretary of defense heads to israel. so will ash carter be able to reassure israel that this is a good deal? we'll find out next. can a business have a mind? a subconscious. a knack for predicting the future.
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it's not muted. was that you jason? it was geoffrey! it was jason. it could've been brenda. the iran nuclear deal is now in lawmakers hands. the u.s. state department sent the agreement to u.s. congress today and today on state of the union with jake tapper secretary of state john kerry and the u.s. energy secretary defended the deal yet again calling it absolutely critical. >> i disagree with him but i just yesterday met with the foreign minister of saudi arabia who said on television that if they want a deal and if the deal does the things they listed things that the deal does then they would feel very comfortable with it. the fact is that the real fear of that region should be that you don't have the deal. if congress doesn't pass this
12:38 pm
if congress were to kill this then we have no inspections, we have no sanctions, we have no ability to negotiate because i assure you the ayatollah if the united states arbitrarily and unilaterally kills this you won't have another negotiation. >> i spoke a lot of experts who want this deal to be good who were rooting for you and they said the best case scenario is that over the next 15 years, with the $100 billion from the money that will no longer be covered under sanctions iranians will be closer to the capacity to build a nuclear weapon with the $100 billion that they now will have after sanctions are lifted and they will have done it all under the guise of international law. >> you see, the reason that's not accurate about what will happen is that today we don't have those inspections. we do now under the interim agreement but before the interim agreement we didn't have them. we didn't that have ability to
12:39 pm
know what they were doing. guess what my friend? iran had 12,000 kilograms of highly enriched uranium and that's enough for 12 to 15 bombs. they had it. that's what barack obama dealt as a hand when he came in. 19,000 centrifuges already spinning. a country that already mastered the fuel cycle. a company that was on the threshold in the sense they are only two months from break out. we're expanding that break out from those two months to one year for ten years and longer. and we have lifetime inspection adherence to the iaea 25 years of tracking and monitoring their uranium for mining to milling to yellow cake to gas to centrifuge to waste. that's unprecedented. and we would not have had that without this agreement. the simple reality is jake
12:40 pm
this u.n. process that started the -- that allowed the sanctions to be put in place in the fir place contemplated the lifting of all sanctions once iran had lived up to its obligations with respect to the mtps. if the iaea found in x number of years they lived up to this then all the sanctions would be gone. so in fact we succeeded against three countries that thought they didn't have to do anything. we have a lot of measures and the united states always has the ability to take action unilaterally or otherwise with respect to other activities. >> the u.s. state department's move today means the 60 day clock for lawmakers, u.s. lawmakers to review the agreement starts tomorrow. president obama has said that he will veto any measure that would stop the deal from going into effect. meantime defense secretary ash carter is on his way to the middle east. he's scheduled to land in israel within the hour. he'll be visiting some of america's closest allies
12:41 pm
israel jordan saudi arabia trying to smooth over concerns that the deal will give iran more wealth and power to do little to curb its nuclear program. let me bring in jim walsh an international security expert. good to see you, jim. >> good to see you. >> what can carter say to israel, to perhaps win more support for this deal? >> well i think he'll meet with two different groups in israel. he'll meet with the politicians, president netanyahu and other cabinet ministers and they will chew his ear off and there's nothing he can say that will make them happy. he'll meet with intel and military people in israel and they have a very different view of this agreement. in fact if you look at current israeli military assessments as they project out often years and factor in an agreement they see themselves in a better position in terms of israel national security going forward. they like the idea that we may double the number of inspectors and iran is going to be under lock and key for that period of
12:42 pm
time. so they are much more supportive of it. i don't think there's any convincing benjamin netanyahu, he's pretty firm in his views. >> you heard kerry say without the deal there would be no inspections, no sanctions and iran would be able to continue doing whatever it is that it's doing unchecked. is that really the only point that needs to be made to remind countries in that region especially during ash carter's middle eastern tour? >> that's fundamental. the saudis don't like this deal because they don't like iran. they are wrapped in this big rivalry that's embroiling the region. they like sanctions because that keeps iran down. for all the countries in the middle east it's in their national security interest to block iran from getting a nuclear weapon. it's good for us and it's good for them and this deal does that. you know i've looked at a bunch of different deals over time and this is not our first rodeo, not
12:43 pm
our first nonproliferation agreement. we had one with moammar gadhafi who hated israel and funded terrorism. we had it with the soviets and funded gulags. >> how does the u.s. argue against the fact that with sanctions lifted iran will regain some wealth and could potentially become a lot more influential in the region? >> it could. they are bogged down in syria right now and bogged down in iraq fighting isis. they are going to get some sanctions relief. i don't understand the logic of this argument. if you don't like iran with terrorism, why would you like iran with terrorism and nuclear weapons? the people who say let's not give them a dollar because it might end up supporting hezbollah what they are saying no nuclear agreement. there's no agreement conceivable where they do what we want them to do on nuclear. they do what we tell them and
12:44 pm
then they get nothing in return. no planet on which that agreement is possible. if you're saying no what you're doing is say unconstrained nuclear program in iran. iran does the terrorism and it has nuclear weapons. that's a terrible outcome. >> i know you rather talk about the science behind this but there's also the politics. if congress has 60 days to review this and the president said he would veto anything that would stand in the way of this deal going forward, what could potentially be offered? what would be an idea offered by congress for those members who don't necessarily like the way it's written as such? >> well i think there will be negotiations and consultations. i would love to see congress take an active role in this. congress helped us get to this point. they should take credit for that. they should have an actip role going. a colleague suggested set up a commission in which members of congress participate to ensure this deal is implemented and go the iaea.
12:45 pm
second thing make sure the iaea has the resources it needs because this will be a big job. river dollar they spend a win for us. >> jim walsh, thank you so much. >> thank you. >> and we'll be right back. my advice? look on the bright side... with aveeno® skin brightening scrub. it has moisture rich soy and gentle exfoliators for brighter more radiant skin. aveeno® naturally beautiful results®.
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>> new developments today in the sexual assault accusations surrounding bill cosby. in a deposition from ten years
12:49 pm
ago which has been obtained by cnn cosby admits to using his fame and drugs to have sex with young women. cosby responded with no comment to cnn when asked about it today. at the time of the deposition however, cosby was defending himself against a lawsuit filed by a young woman andrea constant who audiotape accused him of drugging her and then sexually assaulting her. in part of his testimony cosby said quote i think that i'm a pretty decent reeder of people and their emotions in these romantic sexual things whatever you want to call them. of course that case was settled in 2006. so far more than 25 women have accused cosby of drugging and sexually assaulting them. super model janet dickerson is one of the cosby accusers. i sat down with her in her home back in december and asked what happened when she had dinner cosby 33 years ago.
12:50 pm
bill cosby did reach out to you in 1982. what was the conversation? what was the picture he painted for you that you said even though i am a supermodel right now, my career is taking off, he's the connection i need for it to go even further? what was you a part on the cosby show. i want you to fry here you know get here in the next day or two. i took the bait. i jumped at this opportunity. >> you were excited. >> i was so psyched. i was just raring and ready to go. i hear you want a sipging career i can help you with that. i was met by bill and a gentleman who worked for him. he was his musical director. and i got -- i remember him saying to me at this dinner when
12:51 pm
he offered me red wine what kind of man offers me red wine when i get out of rehab. >> he knew about your situation, how fragile -- potentially fragile you were at the time. >> he called me in rehab. he knew what i was -- what i was in rehab for for alcohol. so that in itself is really messed up. >> and at what point did you find yourself alone with mr. cosby, you trusted him, but then things went a different direction in your view? >> mr. gardner left the dinner table. i was alone with him. and i had menstrual cramps, stomach cramps. he said oh, i've got something for that and he gave me a pill. >> did you ask what it was? >> i don't remember that. i don't remember. but if he's giving me a pill i trust the guy.
12:52 pm
i trusted bill cosby. >> why did you feel like you trusted him? >> because of his demeanor and the promise of a career. and you know i -- i trusted him. i wanted a television career. i had had a successful career for commercials. i wanted to take it to the next level. >> and at the same time though you're telling me you were in rehab, you were still very fragile, he offered you wine. that was a no-no in your view. now he offers you a pill and you still trust him? >> it was red wine it was a pill. when i started to blackout, i had a camera on me. i had one of the first polaroid cameras. i just remember shooting these pictures and having them on me in my room the next morning when i woke up. the last thing i remember, i had blacked out and cosby mounting
12:53 pm
me like the monster that he was. and i was thinking what the heck -- what the -- i just remember passing out. i remember more specifically waking up and that he -- there was a lot of main downstairs. there was semen all over me and by bottoms were off and top was open. i just packed up and i got the hell out of there. >> how do you prove that when it's your word against his? >> i should have gone to the police. once again i was too embarrassed and gistembarrass and disgusted. look how it's blown up now on me. i'm being slandered and called that i lie. [ bleep ] attorneys. i'm not lying.
12:54 pm
put a lie detector test on me and put a lie detector test on the attorneys and put a lie detector test on mr. bill monster cosby. >> how much has hearing from the other women who allege sexual assault by bill cosby, how much does that also help you in recalling in detail what happened to you in 1982? >> i remember the memory. i remember the loss of -- being robbed of my innocence. and i believe the women that i haven't been in contact with. but i believe their story because it was exactly the same thing that happened to me. while i can't speak for them as a whole. as an individual woman, i am janice dickenson and i am the
12:55 pm
world's first super model. it took place in 1982. it took place in a hotel room in tahoe tahoe. i didn't do the right thing. i didn't report it. i didn't go to rain counselling. and you know what? i was afraid. but i'm not afraid anymore. so i'm now strong and i have support and i will go on with my story until my last breath. >> and janice dick inson cannot file criminal charges because the statute of limitations has expired. but she is currently suing cosby for deformation of character because he called her a liar. i did reach out to her today to see if she had more comment on what's been reported. hopefully we'll get another opportunity in which to hear her point of view. we'll be right back after this. gentlemen. you look well. what's new, flo? well, a name your price tool went missing last week. name your what, now?
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money. all right checking our top stories. new details emerging about a tragedy on long island. a drunk driver t-boned a limousine killing four women and injuring two others. the truck driver has been arraigned on dui charges. and good signs of progress for former president george h.w. bush. his spokesman tweeted, quote, a
1:00 pm
very grateful president was discharged today from the maine medical center after four days of treatment for a fractured vertebrae. and the phoenix area is hoping to dry out today after flood waters inundated neighborhoods saturday. the arizona republic reports some homes were damaged and vehicles were swept away. the flooding even washed out one part of one road. so far, no reports of major injuries. >> we have so much more straight ahead in the newsroom. and it all starts right now. happening right now in the newsroom bill cosby admits in a deposition to pursuing younger women. >> this is not just an interview. this is something that he said knowing that he had to tell the truth. >> details on the court documents describing


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